The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work in fundamental ways. We’re here to help you and your healthcare agency endure, and set you up for continued success once we’ve navigated these troubled times. To help you right now, we’ve compiled all our COVID-19 related content, as well as information from other trusted sources, into one page for easy access.

We have also made it easier for you and your team to access our Live and Recorded webinars while working remotely. Effective immediately and continuing through this crisis, any Live Webinar can be accessed from as many locations as you need with one registration. We’ve also improved the turnaround time on our recorded webinars, making recorded content available 2 business days following the Live Webinar. As always, the Recorded Webinar is yours to keep and can be shared with anyone at your agency.

Bookmark this page and check back often as we’ll continue to work hard to bring you the resources you need to get through these troubled times.

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COVID-19 Related Webinars:

Resilience & Emotional Intelligence to Thrive During Challenging Times
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Caring for others is extremely rewarding. However, it involves a degree of challenge, particularly during times of crisis. The fields of resilience, emotional intelligence, and post-traumatic growth have much to teach us about how to thrive, rather than merely survive, traumatic times.

Vaccine Skepticism in the Age of COVID-19: Educating Patients & Staff to Alleviate Fears & Achieve Compliance
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Let’s talk about vaccines! For years there has been much fear and skepticism surrounding vaccines. The COVID-19 crisis has intensified this situation as a new vaccine is being developed. This webinar will clarify misinformation and improve agency compliance, patient health, and public safety.

E-Counseling for the Modern Hospice Team: Challenges, Preferred Practices & Interventions
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COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing present many challenges for hospice counseling and grief support team members. Learn the latest in e-counseling and delve into the challenges, ethical considerations, creative programming ideas, and so much more in this timely webinar.

Strategic Planning During a Pandemic: Predicting the Unpredictable
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How do you prepare for the unpredictable? A solid strategic plan is a step in the right direction. This webinar will delve into a community needs assessment, evaluating your board, and identifying agency strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Participants will learn how to craft a strategic plan that is fluid, flexible, and able to withstand any COVID-19 curveballs.

Work-from-Home Record Retention Rules for Hospice & Home Care Providers
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With so many employees working remotely, the record retention risks facing hospices and home care providers are greater than ever. Join us to learn the latest in retention policy and procedures for work-from-home employees. Ensure your agency is minimizing risks and maximizing compliance.

How to Prepare for a CMS/AO-Focused Infection Control Survey
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CMS is prioritizing infection control surveys, increasing penalties for noncompliance, and holding agencies to a higher standard of accountability and care. This webinar will ensure your staff and agency are properly prepared for a focused infection control survey.

Emergency Preparedness for Home Health & Hospice in Light of COVID-19
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The COVID-19 pandemic has put emergency preparedness at the top of the list for home health and hospice agencies once again. Ensure your agency has a comprehensive understanding of the Emergency Preparedness CoPs and is prioritizing the safety of staff, patients, and the public.

Virtual Sales: Perfect the Art & Science of Selling & Social Distancing
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“Ok, is everyone seeing my screen?” What’s more stressful than having a video conference from home? What about a sales conference from home? Learn to navigate the virtual process of selling with innovative ideas and tips to move forward with confidence in this new era of sales.

Marketing & Community Outreach for Fall 2020: Challenges & Opportunities for Hospice & Palliative Care
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Embrace the opportunity for growth and community outreach and start preparing for fall 2020 with effective marketing tools you can implement immediately. Make your agency a leader within the local community and the hospice and palliative care community nationwide.

Shape High-Performance Teams to Strengthen Results During the COVID-19 Crisis
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Is your team achieving the desired results during this pandemic? Or are you in crisis mode? Learn how to use your organization’s purpose to strengthen teams and engage employees by providing clear direction.

Infection Control & Prevention: How to Implement & Integrate a Comprehensive Surveillance Program during a Pandemic (COVID-19)
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Emergency preparedness plans now require a complete risk assessment on pandemics. Has your agency set up a comprehensive surveillance infection control and prevention program specific to the novel COVID-19 pandemic risk?

Counseling Techniques & Interventions for Bereavement Professionals
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What is your role in providing grief counseling and support? Do you “ensure that bereavement services reflect the needs of the bereaved” as the CoPs require? Updated to include COVID-19 challenges and solutions for “counseling from a distance.”

COVID-19 Regulatory Relief: What Does It Mean for Your Agency?
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Does your agency understand the new 1135 waiver? Save time and join this webinar to break down the waivers and programs with an industry expert and get answers to your questions.

Challenges & Solutions for Hospice Volunteers: An Interactive Webinar for National Volunteer Month
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Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month with an interactive webinar designed for hospice volunteers! An event planning guide will also be provided to managers. Updated to include COVID-19 concerns and solutions.

How to Develop a Sustainable Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth Program
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Are you looking for a competitive advantage that also increases patient and family satisfaction? An RPM program can do just that for your agency by improving overall patient oversight and quality of care.

Pandemic & Emergency Preparedness: COVID-19 & What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
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The world is facing a pandemic. Now is the time to strategically prepare – not panic. Can your organization handle a pandemic? More specifically, COVID-19? This webinar will address people who have and haven’t contracted the virus, including patients, family, staff, caregivers, communities, and facilities, with an emphasis on hospice patients in long-term care.

Universal Precautions & Hand Washing for Hospice Volunteers
Free Webinar

This previously recorded webinar covers CDC standards for universal precautions and hand washing which are critical to protecting patients, families & volunteers from COVID-19. This webinar is complimentary.

Social Worker & Chaplain Webinars

Ethical Challenges & Skills: Assessing Suicidal Ideations & Interventions
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Working with seriously ill people can create unique challenges that may include navigating the legal system, advocating for self-determination, and understanding organizational policies and community perceptions. This webinar will examine personal, professional, and ethical conflicts, address essential skill sets, and take an in-depth look at how to assess suicidal ideation.

The Great Ethical Challenge: Over-Involved Versus Under-Involved
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This webinar will provide current data to assist in understanding the critical nature of establishing personal and professional boundaries, especially when working with traumatized people.

Psychosocial & Spiritual Acuity Implications for Social Workers & Chaplains
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This webinar will focus on how chaplains and social workers assess suffering and how to determine levels of acuity. This skill set is critical to determining risk levels, understanding where social workers and chaplains are needed most, and what skills are necessary when they arrive.

Psychosocial & Spiritual Aspects of Pain & Suffering In-Depth
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Interdisciplinary teams exist for a reason and this topic is at the heart of true interdisciplinary care. Join us for an in-depth look at specific skills, techniques, and interventions for the complex situations chaplains and social workers routinely encounter.

Psychological & Spiritual Distress: A Call for Immediate & Skillful Intervention
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Distress, defined as “extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain,” is a clear sign for the counselors on the team to perform immediate and skillful intervention. The expertise of social workers and chaplains is vital in alleviating distress.

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