Inside the Series | New Volunteer Manager Training Series with Gary Gardia

Inside the Series | New Volunteer Manager Training Series with Gary Gardia

Join this insightful discussion with Gary Gardia about his training series for hospice volunteer managers. In this episode, Gary emphasizes the significance of this training in the current hospice environment and the necessity to alter our mindset when it comes to thinking about volunteers.

After the podcast, check out Gary's webinar series, New Volunteer Manager Training.

Series Topics | 60-minute webinars
  • The Hospice Volunteer Manager’s Role & Responsibilities
  • Hospice Volunteer Regulations & Opportunities
  • Creative Programming & Expansion Including E-Volunteers

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More About Our Guest

Over 40 years ago, Gary began his hospice career as a volunteer. Since then, he has worked in many capacities leading a variety of teams and departments including volunteers, social workers, bereavement, and education.

Gary holds Master’s Degrees in both Education and Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He also holds the new Advanced Palliative Hospice Social Worker Certification (APHSW-C). Gary received the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s (NHPCO) Heart of Hospice Award for developing innovative programs to meet the needs of caregivers and the bereaved and is the recipient of the national social work organization Social Work Hospice and Palliative Network (SWHPN) Award of Excellence in Professional Education.

Gary is the past Executive Director of the Advanced Palliative Hospice Social Work certification organization. He is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at state and national conferences and works as a consultant for various businesses and healthcare organizations. 

Gary has been with the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network since the beginning in 2013 and presents on a wide range of topics for hospice volunteer managers and coordinators, social workers, spiritual caregivers, bereavement professionals, and leadership. He is also the creator of the Online Volunteer Training Program, a revolutionary 6-module course for virtually onboarding hospice volunteers.

Visit Gary's webinar page for his library of upcoming and on-demand webinars.