Setting the Boundary for Work/Life Balance - Complimentary

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Work/life balance is achieved through daily practice.

It looks different for everyone and it’s constantly evolving. Learn how to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health while maintaining a successful and fulfilling career.

  • Define what work/life balance is for you
  • Self-identify phrases that may hinder your ability to set boundaries
  • Appreciate surprising work/life balance benefits
  • Recognize common barriers to work/life balance integration
  • Set boundaries effectively using subtle techniques
  • Be on the lookout for quiet quitting


Work/life balance is a common phrase but what does it really mean and how is it achieved? There are many benefits to a healthy work/Iife balance – there are also big consequences to living a life without it. Those that draw a boundary and achieve balance live satisfying lives with more joy and focus. Since the pandemic, strained work/life boundaries have caused pressure, leaving some employees burned out with no zest and passion for their jobs. The webinar will include insight on how to bring balance into your life and how to help yourself and your team achieve a healthier relationship with work.

As a thank you to our valued healthcare providers this webinar is complimentary!


  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Home Care
  • Palliative Care


This insightful and complimentary session is suitable for all audiences.


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"I would have loved this topic to be a full-day presentation! I am someone who has never had a healthy work/life balance. Although I love what I do, the older I get the more painfully aware I am of the toll its taking on me physically and emotionally. It's imperative that I create boundaries in my daily work/life in an effort to be the best version I can be of myself! This presentation provided me with lots of "food for thought" as well as some concrete things to put in place. Joanna was a pleasure to listen to, very knowledgeable and a great presenter. Thank you!!!"
- Allyson, Montgomery Hospice

"The presenter had a very soothing voice and delivery. She made the subject matter so interesting and relatable. I was able to take away so much and can't wait to apply what I learned!"
- Deborah, Avow Hospice

"This webinar was very well done. Speaker knew her content and was easy to understand. Recommend to others."
- Gina, St. Catherine Hospice

"The presenter gave very concrete and detailed information on signs of work/life imbalance and what to do about it. She packed a lot of information into an hour."
- Theresa, Wings of Hope Hospice

"It was a good webinar that I will be sharing with my team. I appreciated the validation and liked the breakdown of the six management elements. I am definitely more of a work/life integration person of thought. Being a life long learner and a seeker of understanding emotional intelligence, I believe that work/life are interdependent and fluid, and therefore feel that perfect balance is unachievable and unrealistic. I think it's about developing self-awareness and agree completely with the importance on setting boundaries that work for each individual! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences as well as some great resources."
- Rene, Children's Hospital New Orleans

"Presentation had a good flow. Statistics were informative. Great suggestions that I intend on implementing."
- Colleen, North Hawaii Hospice

"I thought it was well organized to address both life and work balance."
Caren, Bristol Home Care & Hospice

"The speaker was very knowledgeable and able to help others see the reality and need for taking time for yourself and giving your employer boundaries for a healthy life. It was good to hear this!"
- Pamela, Heart to Heart Hospice

"My favorite part was when she said, 'We are social beings and we can get a lot from connecting with others.'"
- Jasarah, Lakewood Health System

"I don't think there was anything that could improve the class. The material was good, the speaker spoke well, and the information was presented well."
-Victoria, Tucumcari Home Health and Hospice

"Joanna is so personable and easy to listen to. Very knowledgeable."
- Angela, Trellis Supportive Care

"Very informative and I am looking forward at implementing the knowledge that I have gained into setting healthy boundaries with my scope of practice."
- Heather, Arkansas Hospice

"Simple, insightful, and easy to implement ideas. Thank you."
- Joan, Pacecny

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