2023 Hospice Clinical Manager Series

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StreamedSep 21, 2023
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This innovative training series will focus on essential compliance requirements and provide mentoring to help hospice leaders excel in their roles.

It will deliver a comprehensive review of everything hospice managers and clinical supervisors need to know.
120-minute webinars – available live or on-demand

  • Hospice Manager Regulations & Compliance
  • Effectively Managing Your Hospice Team in Today’s Environment
  • Patient Satisfaction, Engagement & Agency Growth for Hospice Managers

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This training series will identify, review, and discuss all key components necessary to successfully manage and direct a team within hospice. It consists of three jam-packed two-hour sessions that will serve as the “crib notes” of what all hospice leaders need to know to effectively manage an agency. In the first webinar, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoPs), compliance necessities, eligibility, and documentation. The second webinar will review expectations, qualifications, competencies, running the IDT, human resources, difficult conversations, and oversight. Lastly, the third webinar will bring clarity and insight to what it means to run a hospice as a business. In a world of staffing shortages, surveys, and heavy regulation, it is critical that clinical managers know how to operate a top-notch agency and team to remain profitable and grow.


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NOTE: All materials are subject to copyright. Transmission, retransmission, or republishing of any webinar to other institutions or those not employed by your agency is prohibited. Print materials may be copied for eligible participants only.

Included Webinars:

Effectively Managing Your Hospice Team in Today's Environment

Effectively Managing Your Hospice Team in Today's Environment

Presenter:Kathy Ahearn
This webinar will address the critical day-to-day elements of clinical management and a variety of leadership and management styles. Discover what to expect from your team members, how to lead an effective IDG, and how to support your staff in the hospice process and documenting terminality. With increased government oversight through post-payment medical review audits and Targeted Probe and Educate, it is critical that clinical leadership effectively manage their teams and understand Medicare hospice regulations. The webinar will review effective tools, explain how to prepare for IDG, describe running CoPs-compliant IDG meetings, and reveal what to expect from hospice case managers. Recertification documentation and effectively meeting metrics and quality of care will also be addressed.
Hospice Manager Regulations & Compliance

Hospice Manager Regulations & Compliance

Presenter:Kathy Ahearn
The 2023 Hospice Clinical Manager Series is a must for new and prospective hospice clinical managers and experienced managers who simply need a refresher. Take a deep dive into the critical aspects of what all hospice managers/supervisors need to know. This series will focus on essential areas and aspects to develop effective hospice leaders. The first webinar in this three-part series will review critical regulations and compliance issues, frequent documentation challenges, and common oversight issues. It will address how to effectively lead your team to determine eligibility and support terminality from admission through recertifications. With the end of the PHE, it’s important to know your responsibilities with QAPI and emergency management, including what requirements are in effect.
Patient Satisfaction, Engagement & Agency Growth for Hospice Managers

Patient Satisfaction, Engagement & Agency Growth for Hospice Managers

Presenter:Kathy Ahearn
The three-part Hospice Clinical Manager Series will conclude with a focus on agency quality reporting, patient engagement and satisfaction, and business growth. Clinical managers must have a strong understanding of how quality impacts overall patient satisfaction and reimbursement. There are multiple reports that come from claims data which are interpreted as quality measures that management must know. Learn how to lead your team and elevate your scores using those critical reports and quality measures. This webinar will also review the latest updates for CY2024, along with payment models such as VBID and the Hospice Benefit Component. Agencies located in a region with Medicare Advantage plans taking part in this new payment model will benefit from attending as their leadership responsibilities will be addressed in detail. Future growth projections, current CMS and state concerns, and what to watch as 2023 winds down will also be reviewed.