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Kathy Ahearn

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Kathy Ahearn has a Bachelor’s in both Nursing and Social Work and is the CEO and Founder of ALECC, Inc. ALECC provides years of post-acute care experience, ranging from clinical staff to executive leadership and consulting. Kathy provides a unique ability to identify agency challenges and opportunities, quickly providing education, support, and mentoring to organizations, guiding them to a new level of operation and success.

Kathy helped develop pain scales to standardize assessment with the American Pain Society and the Joint Commission. She expanded into medical devices as a Managed Care Director developing one of the first real-time cloud-based disease specific software programs to assist patients, clinicians, and managed care organizations to improve outcomes and collect data.

Kathy began healthcare work due to a disabled parent and later a child living with chronic disease state. She has experienced healthcare professionally and personally, dedicating her life to it and to working as a change agent for the betterment of all served. She has presented for the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network since 2017 covering a large range of topics that are very well received.

"Great webinar for new team members! Even our seasoned team members were like - oh my - we need to double check on some of these. Very good presentation. Kathy is ALWAYS a pleasure to listen to and watch! Her knowledge is great and she delivers this eloquently. No matter what the question - she responds very professionally and always states to follow up with her if the question needs further clarification. This is greatly appreciated.”

- Pam, Seasons Hospice
Hospice 101: Establishing a Solid Eligibility Foundation for New & Existing Staff

"Very knowledgeable presenter! Loved her advocacy on using social work to conduct the psychosocial assessment as that is their expertise."
- Eva, Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State (HPCANYS)
Hospice Nurse & Aide Compliance

"Will highly recommend both the speaker and series. Excellent speaker. Very knowledgeable."
- Tamara, Hope Springs Hospice
Hospice Medical Director, NP, PA & IDT Compliance

"Finally, true, clear, and concise information on Governing Body member expectations. I am thrilled to now share this with the organization and onboard new members. I can’t thank you enough Kathy."
- Carmen, Valiant Hospice & Palliative Care
The Governing Body: Regulations, Members & Effectiveness