Self-Awareness: The Foundation of Emotional Intelligence

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Self-awareness builds trust and credibility.

A self-aware person is effective, makes better decisions, and positively impacts work performance and interpersonal relationships within the entire team. Take the next steps in your personal and professional growth journey with this innovative webinar.

  • Recognize that being self-aware gives you an edge as a leader, manager, and employee
  • Understand the four quadrants of emotional intelligence
  • Look at self-awareness through a different lens
  • Distinguish between the three competencies of self-awareness
  • Use the “name it to tame it” technique
  • Develop a professional development plan
  • Cultivate self-confidence, positive self-regard, a growth mindset, and optimism


What is self-awareness and why should you care about it? Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of your interior life — your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, core values, preferences, goals, assets, challenges, attitudes, and mindsets, and how these impact behavior and choices. The foundation of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. According to Daniel Goleman, the father of emotional intelligence (EI), it accounts for 58% of professional success, regardless of the role or industry. Wow! There are many benefits to being self-aware but first you must understand your strengths and areas that need development. Join this illuminating session to learn about the ins and outs of self-awareness, how to increase it, and how it can help you succeed.

As a thank you to our valued healthcare providers this webinar is complimentary!


  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Home Care
  • Palliative Care


This informative session will be beneficial for any employee at any level.


  • The Four Quadrant Model of Emotional Intelligence
  • Feelings wheel
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"It is interesting to learn things that can help us not only ourselves but also the people we are working with."
-Mercedithas, Emanate Health

"The talk offered a clear foundation of Emotional Intelligence. Useful and applicable information."
-Amber, Cypress Hospice

"Well spoken, great information!"
-Therese, Baystate Home Health & Hospice

"I really liked the topic - the information gave me a lot to think about and tools to use to better my self-awareness."
-Theresa, Partners In Home Care

"Thoroughly enjoyed the content and the style of presentation was very enjoyable. The ability to print out the slides with comments really made an impact."
-Linda, Gentiva Hospice

"I liked the material and how the presenter related it to our professional setting (home care) as well as how emotional intelligence relates to our personal lives. The presenter was engaging, and the material wasn't dry which I appreciate. The length of the presentation was just right! Very impactful particularly for people are always looking for self-improvement and becoming more effective leaders."
-Taneya, Team Select Home Care

"Excellent topic and speaker. Very informative and applicable both personally and professionally."
-Tina, Cardinal Hospice Care

"Joanna Pera not only presented relevant information on self-awareness, but also provided skills and practical applications for improvement."
-Harrison, Family Hospice Care

"Great tips were provided that are practical and provides a framework to start."
-Amy, Meadowlark Hospice

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