Beyond Hearing: How Active Listening Drives Success (Complimentary)

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StreamedApr 25, 2024Duration60 minutes
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This complimentary webinar will take a deep dive into the elements and impact of active listening.

Mastering active listening can improve nearly every aspect of your life! You’ll learn the components, barriers, and how to steer clear of ineffective listening. Take advantage of this free, one-hour program and enhance your life and communication skills.

  • Differentiate between hearing and active listening
  • Use the four elements of listening
  • Identify and build bridges to active listening
  • Avoid barriers to active listening
  • Stay clear of the three types of ineffective listening

This webinar is part of the 2024 Preparing for Growth & Success Complimentary Series. Learn more and register for the entire series for free!


In this engaging webinar on active listening, participants will explore the profound impact of this crucial communication skill in the workplace. Through examples and practical techniques, the session will highlight how active listening fosters better understanding, strengthens team dynamics, and enhances overall collaboration. 

Attendees will gain valuable insights into how mastering active listening can lead to improved problem-solving, increased productivity, and a more positive and inclusive work environment.


  • Hospice
  • Home Health
  • Home Care
  • Palliative Care


This informative session will benefit all leaders and team members.


  • Active listening self-assessment
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  • Attendance certificate provided, however there are no pre-approved CEs associated with this webinar

NOTE: All materials are subject to copyright. Transmission, retransmission, or republishing of any webinar to other agencies or those not employed by your agency is prohibited. Print materials may be copied for eligible participants only.


"The content was relatable. I anticipate being able to apply what I have learned."
- Emily, Notre Dame Hospice

"Joanna effectively conveyed topic of active listening in way that challenged my knowledge. Her voice was energizing and I appreciate that additional resources shared for learning more about the art of Active Listening. Quality communication is vital to all aspects of work as well as relationships."
- Jolen, Kaiser Permanente GA

"The speaker was very passionate about this which made listening and learning much easier and enjoyable."
- Janet,  FirstHealth Hospice & Palliative Care

"This was a helpful webinar with regard to use and benefits of active listening, along with other factors contributing to our communication, influencing connections and relationships with our patients, team, and organization."
- Jane, Notre Dame Healthcare

"The information was great! It brought challenge to me in a way that caused me to think about how I listen and the response that I give. The body language part especially the feet. I never heard about that. I was reminded of how much work it takes to be a good listener when I am serious about it. Extremely helpful and invites me to grow. Thank You."
- Lisa, Gaston Hospice

"There was new information that I had not heard before. It was kept simple and tools given will be easily able to use."
- Kristine, Minnesota Hospice

"Speaker very easy to listen and pay attention to!"
- Linda, Hospice of the Golden Isles

"Hearing what our patients and their families are saying is truly an invaluable skill in healthcare. This presentation helped me to focus on hearing beyond just listening."
- Lara, Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care

"I enjoyed the enthusiasm and positivity of the leader. I appreciated the thoroughness of the presentation. Listening has implications for individual relationships and whether or not we can be trusted as representatives of our organizations."
- Brigid, Notre Dame Health Care

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