"This is one of the best webinars I have ever attended. Mr. Gardia is obviously knowledgeable making the power point presentation style good. I look forward to using the resources he included and the question and answer session during and at the end was really good. He did not seem rushed or only willing to answer a few questions. Looking forward to registering for the rest of the webinars."

"As a new Volunteer Coordinator, I have realized how many questions I have for my Executive Director. I am looking forward to the next webinars in the series."

Participants attending the "Volunteer Manager Series: Program Management: Core Volunteer Manager Competencies" webinar

"The content and presenter were both excellent. We will benefit from the information shared."

Participant attending the "Troubleshooting the HIS" webinar

"This was, by far, the most helpful webinar I have ever listened in on. Perhaps because my interest is peaked because we have had CMS AND TJC survey in the last 5 months but Sharon did an excellent job."

"Very informative. Presenter is very, very good and very knowledgeable. We are very pleased."

Participants attending the "Continued Survey Readiness" webinar

"Material that I could identify with and encounter in my work as a hospice chaplain. Material was very pertinent and current."

"Great we plan on sharing with the rest of the staff."

Participants attending the "My Life, My Choice: Navigating the Challenges of End of Life Decision-Making" webinar

"The instructors had a good knowledge of their topic and were able to clearly share and tie together the information in an understandable manner. I especially liked the clarity of the finance reports."

Participant attending the "Finances, Benchmark & Profitability for Clinical Managers: What Are They & Why Should I Care?" webinar