Inside the Series | 2023 Hospice CoP Compliance Series
Inside the Series | 2023 Hospice CoP Compliance Series

Inside the Series | 2023 Hospice CoP Compliance Series

Kathy Ahearn gives a rundown of her hospice CoP compliance training. She addresses critical questions such as how your hospice agency will be impacted by the conclusion of the pandemic and the cessation of the COVID-19 waiver. It also looks into the effect on leadership and how this series will help them.

After the podcast, check out the 2023 Hospice CoP Compliance Series

Series Topics | 90-minute webinars
  • Hospice Medical Director, NP, PA & IDT Compliance
  • Hospice Social Worker & Spiritual Caregiver Compliance
  • Hospice Nurse & Aide Compliance
  • Hospice Volunteer Program Compliance
  • Hospice Bereavement Professional Compliance

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More About Our Guest

Kathy Ahearn has a Bachelor’s in both Nursing and Social Work and is the CEO and Founder of ALECC, Inc. ALECC provides years of post-acute care experience, ranging from clinical staff to executive leadership and consulting. Kathy provides a unique ability to identify agency challenges and opportunities, quickly providing education, support, and mentoring to organizations, guiding them to a new level of operation and success.

Kathy helped develop pain scales to standardize assessment with the American Pain Society and the Joint Commission. She expanded into medical devices as a Managed Care Director developing one of the first real-time cloud-based disease-specific software programs to assist patients, clinicians, and managed care organizations to improve outcomes and collect data.

Kathy began healthcare work due to a disabled parent and later a child with chronic disease. She has experienced healthcare professionally and personally, dedicating her life to it and to working as a change agent for the betterment of all served. She has presented for the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network since 2017, covering a large range of very well-received topics.

Visit Kathy's webinar page for her library of on-demand and upcoming webinars.