Grow Your Hospice with a Flower Power Program
Grow Your Hospice with a Flower Power Program

Grow Your Hospice with a Flower Power Program

You have the power to serve more people and grow your hospice agency through differentiators. Kurt Kazanowski’s webinar, The Power of Differentiation to Grow Your Hospice, breaks down what an organizational differentiator is:

  • A program or service that delivers GREAT value to a referral source and is something different from your base business
  • Built on understanding your customer (referral source)
  • Something that will strengthen and develop your culture of growth

One differentiator featured in the webinar is the Flower Power Program. This program provides patients and clients with a gift of flowers to help brighten their day. All patients can benefit; however, it is specifically intended for senior living communities. It strengthens relationships with referral sources and can establish a preferred provider relationship by showing your agency pays attention to the small things. This gift can also help develop and diversify your agency’s volunteer program since it is run by volunteers. Key program elements include:

  • Volunteer director recruits people specifically for this program
  • Training is provided to the volunteer and volunteer manager
  • Relationships are developed with local florists and funeral homes who will donate flowers that are going to be discarded
  • Twice a month, the trained volunteers start the day by picking up the flowers
  • The flowers are then placed in vases purchased at the dollar store (or donated) and a small card with the hospice logo and name is attached
  • The marketing/sales staff provide the volunteer manager with a list of senior living communities with patient’s names for the volunteers to deliver flowers to
  • Volunteer then deliver the flowers using a specific approach and phraseology that was provided to them during their training

To dive deeper into how your agency can benefit from the Flower Power Program and numerous other differentiators, check out Kurt’s webinar directed by the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network.