Referral Inquiry to Admission: The Anatomy of the Intake Process
Referral Inquiry to Admission: The Anatomy of the Intake Process

Referral Inquiry to Admission: The Anatomy of the Intake Process

This episode is a clip from 2021's Strengthening Your Referral Inquiry to Admission Process webinar, covering the referral inquiry to the admission process: the anatomy of the intake. Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing this on-demand webinar.

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Kurt Kazanowski is a Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Coach for Hospice and Home Care Organizations. He is a native of Detroit Michigan and has over three decades of experience in the field of Health Care. He received his bachelor’s degree from Mercy College of Detroit and practiced as a public health nurse for many years. Today, Kurt is the owner of two successful personal care home health companies, one in Michigan where he lives, and the other in Moscow Russia.

As a healthcare executive and successful entrepreneur, he has helped numerous healthcare organizations develop the necessary strategies to improve service delivery, grow market share and enhance profitability. Kurt has worked with hospital executives, hospice providers, and home care companies in the areas of business development, strategic thinking, sales, and marketing as well as executive leadership.

In his 30 years as an executive leader, Kurt has acquired a specific set of skills and competencies in creating and executing mission and business objectives, strategy development, marketing, sales, referral, growth and business development tactics, merger and acquisitions, physician relations, forming strategic partnerships between hospices and hospitals and is an authority in functioning as a connector, facilitator and networker.

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