Does Your Bereavement Program Make the Cut?
Does Your Bereavement Program Make the Cut?

Does Your Bereavement Program Make the Cut?

When it comes to bereavement services, there is always room for improvement. The question is where to start. Gary Gardia’s recent webinar covers the current requirements and challenges of maintaining a successful bereavement program. Below are some common components of a remarkable program that will assist in enhancing your bereavement program. 

When someone is dying, their loved ones are suffering from the thought of losing them. Because of this, there needs to be a risk assessment at the time of admission, along with bereavement counseling occurring during admission or shortly thereafter. Regardless of a hospice patient’s length of stay, their loved one’s emotional pain should be treated throughout that time.

To ensure you have an inclusive bereavement program, your agency should have services available in-person and virtually. Even as we’re coming out of the public health emergency, some people are not comfortable with in-person services. Given that we’ve changed how we offer our services due to COVID-19, we can safely provide support groups, education, and counseling both in-person and virtually.

Although mailings are a wonderful addition to your services, they should be in addition to other services like a phone or zoom call. This is especially important for high- or medium-risk people, as mailings wouldn’t be an adequate intervention. Mailings need to be updated at least annually and tailored to specific age groups or community diverse populations.

Organizational relationships need to be developed with community resource organizations to assist with connecting the bereaved with the services they need. For example, if someone developed an alcohol problem during a hospice stay, we would be unable to treat them for it. However, we can provide the information to get help. Having community resources like this will only strengthen your program.

Maintaining and improving bereavement services is a crucial task. In Gary’s webinar, Designing a Bereavement Program That Meets Today’s Unique Needs, he covers how to improve your program, and the Medicare requirements needed for your program. Don’t miss out on this information-packed session. Use code BEREAVEMENT at checkout for 10% off this webinar - valid through December 2022.