3 Branding Techniques to Implement Immediately
3 Branding Techniques to Implement Immediately

3 Branding Techniques to Implement Immediately

This Essential Insights episode features common questions asked during Diane Link’s webinar, Hospice Documentation That Supports LCD & Eligibility Throughout the Benefit Periods.

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Diane Link RN, MHA, has over 30 years of home health and hospice experience.  She is known for her unique style and wealth of knowledge that has led her to receive state awards in Public Policy and Public Affairs in her home state of Maryland.  She has presented at national and state conferences on topics in both home health and hospice ranging from clinical best practices to Change Leadership.  

She is a recognized expert in hospice and home health regulations and has served as part of the education faculty for the NAHC, VBP, and PDGM workforce.  Her skills as a green belt in Lean Six Sigma have enabled her to implement continuous process improvement programs that have led to improved outcomes and cost savings for agencies of all sizes.

Diane is a published author of The Hospice Guide to Quality Care and Reporting and is a contributing author for Essential In-Services for Home Health and a frequent contributor to industry newsletters focusing on home health and hospice.

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