2022 Hospice Billing Series

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StreamedSep 6, 2022
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Billing staff are extremely valuable in ensuring that agencies will receive reimbursement in a timely manner.

This three-part series will help you maximize hospice reimbursements, provide excellent care, ensure accurate documentation, and avoid billing mistakes!

Three 90-minute webinars – available live or on-demand

  • Hospice Billing Part 1: Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election
  • Hospice Billing Part 2: Details of Medicare Claims Processing
  • Hospice Billing Part 3: Face-to-Face, Hospice Cap & PEPPER

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Medicare billing regulations can be overwhelming, and clarifications are continuous. This timely series by industry expert Melinda Gaboury provides a thorough understanding and step-by-step guide to hospice billing. Medicare eligibility verifications, Notice of Election requirements under recent regulatory time limits, claims issues, face-to-face requirements, aggregate cap self-reporting, PEPPER reports, and other daily reimbursement-related challenges will all be addressed. New billing staff will become more confident in their position and other staff will benefit from the refresher training and updates. Hospice reimbursement is driven by excellent care, documentation, and billing staff that can bring it home. If you are part of a hospice revenue-cycle team, this webinar series is a must!


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Included Webinars:

Part 1: Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election

Hospice Billing Part 1: Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election

The 2023 hospice reimbursement changes include a 2.7% rate increase. New and experienced hospice billers should review yearly updates and eligibility requirements as well as reimbursement and election clarifications. Join us for a comprehensive review of eligibility requirements, Election Statement changes and updates, and all things related to the Notice of Election, including a walkthrough of the Late Notice of Election and the exceptions appeal process.
Part 2: Details of Medicare Claims Processing

Hospice Billing Part 2: Details of Medicare Claims Processing

Recent years have brought frequent updates to the hospice Medicare billing regulations. This webinar will review the changes step-by-step, provide examples of how hospices have successfully dealt with them, and explain how to effectively conduct physician billing. Accurate monthly claims and a thorough understanding of the navigation surrounding the edits and errors is key to timely and correct payment. An overview of the billing requirements for patients enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan participating in the VBID Model will also be covered.
Part 3: Face-to-Face, Hospice Cap & PEPPER

Hospice Billing Part 3: Face-to-Face, Hospice Cap & PEPPER

This jam-packed webinar will cover face-to-face requirements, physician billing, and the aggregate cap self-reporting requirement. It will review specific physician billing codes for palliative care to expand your agency's knowledge of palliative care reimbursement and highlight the palliative benefit for patients in the VBID Model. In addition, the current HIS transmission requirements and the increased penalty for noncompliance will be covered. Medical review denials and how the PEPPER reports affect your hospice will also be addressed.