Hope Is Not a Marketing Strategy Series

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StreamedApr 5, 2023
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Hope is not an effective marketing strategy. Develop a clear path and embrace the opportunity for growth with this informative marketing series.

Define, create, and implement a plan for success in an ever-changing healthcare environment.
60-minute webinars – available live or on-demand

  • Create the Right Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Selling Is a Service: Gaining the Confidence to Sell
  • Stop Missing Your Target Market: Understanding Your Audience

Listen to Brad breakdown this series and answer the most important question: What problem do we, as an agency, solve?

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Having a competitive advantage is critical to agency success and growth in a heavily regulated market where multiple organizations offer similar services. Designed for outward facing roles, this series will equip your team to develop the right competitive strategy, sales approach, and marketing message. Become an industry leader within your community with an effective marketing strategy to serve more and give the gift of hospice.


  • Hospice

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Included Webinars:

Create the Right Competitive Marketing Strategy

Create the Right Competitive Marketing Strategy

Presenter:Brad Brewer
In an industry where many organizations offer similar benefits and features, it can be difficult to differentiate yours from others in the area. Taking the time to create a competitive marketing strategy will help you identify how your organization should position itself in the community, who to focus on, and how to communicate the advantages of working with you.
Selling Is a Service: Gaining the Confidence to Sell

Selling Is a Service: Gaining the Confidence to Sell

Presenter:Brad Brewer
Great salespeople know their job is to serve others. This motivates them to sell more than their counterparts who may feel insecure about their organization, position, or objectives. Research has shown that customers most appreciate a salesperson who teaches them something new that helps them with something in their lives. What customers remember most about a salesperson is their level of confidence. Join us to learn how to gain the confidence to sell and achieve greater success through the service you provide.
Stop Missing Your Target Market: Understanding Your Audience

Stop Missing Your Target Market: Understanding Your Audience

Presenter:Brad Brewer
Exceptional marketers understand the intended audience and exact reach through messaging, whether via social media, advertisements, sponsorships, or presentations. They craft messages that successfully resonate, motivate, and activate through clear communication. Unfortunately, many marketing teams use broad concepts intended to reach all audiences instead of specific, focused efforts. Join this enlightening webinar to learn the paradox of narrowing down your target audience to consistently grow your business.