Defining Moments Hospice Series

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StreamedNov 3, 2022
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Explore your strengths and successes (especially related to past and ongoing COVID-19 challenges) .

Take a closer look at how to maneuver around obstacles in order to provide consistent, high-level, end-of-life care.

Three 90-minute webinars – available live or on-demand

  • Is Your Hospice Program Consistent with Your Marketing Messages?
  • Become the Social Worker or Chaplain You Aspire to Be
  • Become the Volunteer Manager You Aspire to Be

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We all have marketing messages that we believe define who we are – messages regarding care our organization provides and its specific disciplines. Yet stating who we are and then ensuring our practices hold true can be challenging. We always strive to provide the best possible care or a certain level of care – except when we don’t. This may very well be the moment in time that defines us. Certainly, providing high-quality, compassionate care is the heart of our work but if your loved one received something less, would it matter to you if the care they received was the exception and not the rule?


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Included Webinars:

Become the Social Worker or Chaplain You Aspire to Be

Become the Social Worker or Spiritual Caregiver You Aspire to Be

Presenter:Gary Gardia
Are you the spiritual caregiver or social worker you aspire to be? In general, our best work is done when we connect with people. However, times of great growth do not coincide with complacency. How do you deal with difficult people or those reluctant to “let you in”? Are you sometimes relieved when a family declines social work or spiritual caregiver visits? How do you set goals and celebrate your victories? This webinar will explore those moments that define who we are in our roles – the aspirational and successful experiences that encourage us to keep pursuing our mission and the challenging times that make us question “why.” Learn to appreciate and embrace defining moments to continually raise the bar for exceptional spiritual and social work end-of-life care.
Become the Volunteer Manager You Aspire to Be

Become the Volunteer Manager You Aspire to Be

Presenter:Gary Gardia
There are plenty of moments that define the overall effectiveness of volunteer services – both nationally and within our organizations. Is your program effective? Are you the volunteer manager you want to be? Are you the person who feels that meeting the 5% requirement is good enough or do you believe in seeing volunteers everywhere you look? What moments define who you are in your work? This webinar will explore the meaning of exceptionalism as it relates to hospice volunteerism.
Is Your Hospice Program Consistent with Your Marketing Messages?

Is Your Hospice Program Consistent with Your Marketing Messages?

Presenter:Gary Gardia
Mary Labyak, a pioneer of the hospice movement, once said, “If you have seen one hospice program, then you have seen one hospice program.” We have all seen the variation in hospice care nationally and even within local communities. But is there a way to develop consistency within our practice, or at least, some level of agency consistency? There are many self-created and built-in obstacles that interfere with consistency. This webinar will use the “defining moments” concept to conduct an honest assessment of where you are and how to consistently provide high-level, end-of-life care to everyone we serve.