Joanna Pera

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Photo Joanna Pera
Joanna has over 25 years of sales and leadership experience in the healthcare industry, including long-term care, hospice, home health care, assisted living, infusion, psychiatry, and pediatrics. Joanna’s expertise focuses on business development, employee coaching, and customer/employee engagement with a special emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts organizational objectives. Joanna has served in senior leadership roles for large healthcare organizations and continues to have a passion for sales, sales effectiveness, and growing leaders.

Joanna uses the principles she learned in the Dale Carnegie program to connect with and inspire her clients. As one client stated “Joanna’s authentic style of leading is refreshing. She actively engages each person she works with in a productive way to achieve results." She lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she enjoys yoga, painting, gardening, and hiking with her dogs.