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2019 Volunteer Appreciation Event Package

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Recorded Webinar Includes

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  • Handout and Take-Away Toolkit
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Available Exclusively Through the Hospice & Home Care Webinar Network!

Two new 45-minute recorded webinars and guide for volunteer managers to use during National Volunteer Week, April 7-13, 2019 or for your own Volunteer Appreciation Event!

Webinars available Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Volunteer managers are constantly looking for ways to honor and show appreciation to volunteers. Volunteers often want more information and the opportunity to learn new skills to better care for patients and families. This appreciation-event package is designed to address these needs with two new 45-minute recorded webinars and a planning guide for volunteer managers.

  • Use the guide to create the perfect volunteer appreciation event
  • Share the two recorded webinars with volunteers at your convenience
  • Consider offering a one-time event, multiple small appreciation events, or spread activities throughout National Volunteer Week
  • Links to the recordings can be emailed to volunteers to view at their convenience

Receive both recorded webinars and the planning guide for the price of a single webinar!

Guide for Volunteer Managers Includes:

  • Ideas for structuring events
  • Discussion guide to use following the webinars
  • Group exercises before and after the webinars, with debriefing instructions
  • Resource list for further learning opportunities
  • Additional exercises and learning activities for expanding the event beyond the webinars

The Importance of Boundaries: Special Challenges & Solutions for Volunteers

Volunteers are often faced with challenging situations. Are volunteers expected to do what they think is right for the patient/family in the moment? Should they consider how to guard the hospice program and the potential risk? What would a staff member do? Fortunately, volunteers are usually able to check-in with the volunteer manager – but sometimes they need to think on their feet. This webinar will teach volunteers how to maneuver through potential challenges and provide them with perspective on setting and maintaining personal and professional boundaries.


  • Three key concepts for establishing and maintaining personal and professional boundaries
  • Seven areas where boundary setting is critical
  • Differentiate between healthy and porous boundaries
  • Four common scenarios where volunteers struggle with boundaries, including saying "no" to certain patient/family requests and abiding by agency policies/procedures that limit involvement

Beyond Active Listening: Raising the Bar for Volunteer Communication

Emotional support and active listening are important communication techniques regularly used by volunteers. But what if a situation becomes emotional or angry or people start asking volunteers discomforting questions? How do volunteers communicate with people who have a history of traumatic experiences, which is increasingly common? This webinar will address advanced volunteer communication techniques and interventions, including how to ask the right questions, de-escalating tense conversations, and mindfulness techniques.


  • Defining trauma and the volunteer's role when assigned to patients with traumatic pasts
  • How asking the right questions can move the conversation forward
  • Mindfulness techniques that are perfect for volunteers
  • Four common communication errors and how to effectively listen and respond
  • Three de-escalation interventions to use when someone is tense or angry
  • Two techniques to focus on and reflect "feeling messages" within patient/family communications


These informative sessions will benefit volunteer managers, volunteers, and all team members who work with volunteers.


PLEASE NOTE: Webinar content is subject to copyright and intended for your individual organization's use only.


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