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Are you proactively managing and monitoring your live hospice discharges? Is your process up to par? Do staff members know the difference between a revocation and a live discharge? The live discharge process is complex. This informative webinar package will delve into many aspects of the live discharge process. Attendees will gain a full understanding of the regulations, how to educate staff, utilize PEPPER reports, how to stay under the CMS radar – and more!

Hospice Live Discharge Topics

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Session Dates & Descriptions

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Managing Hospice Live Discharge Part 1 – How, When & Why: Guidelines, Regulations & Reporting

Live discharges continue to draw the interest of CMS, the OIG, and MedPAC. It is imperative that hospice agencies proactively manage and monitor the complexities related to live discharges. This webinar will review the five types of live discharges, the corresponding regulations, and how to proactively audit and work with frontline staff. Monitoring tools and reports for benchmarking and measuring compliance to prevent unwanted scrutiny will also be covered. Learn the program characteristics of hospices with problematic discharges and what to avoid to remain under the CMS radar.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Managing Hospice Live Discharge Part 2 – How, When & Why: Process, Care Continuum & Documentation

“We talk up hospice services so much, and then they yank them away.” This is how patients and families often feel when hospice services are discontinued due to ineligibility or other live discharge reasons. Odds are one in five that patients will face the possibility of a live discharge – even higher for people with non-cancer diagnoses or those in a for-profit hospice program.

The live discharge process is complex. This webinar will emphasize ongoing eligibility assessment, discharge planning, and a mechanism to support the care continuum even after services are discontinued. Train staff to know the difference between a revocation and a live discharge. Learn what reports and statistics the government reviews regarding hospice live discharges and whether you are operating under the radar. Further, the need for ongoing hospice eligibility assessment under Medicare will be reviewed, along with additional live discharge concerns and questions.

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