Nov 19

Wipe It Out: Removing Negativity from the Workplace

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We’ve all experienced it. That one person who hates Mondays, complains every time a problem arises, finds ways to say “no” instead of “yes.” Not only is workplace negativity devastating to staff morale it can result in heavy fiscal consequences. Learn to take back the workplace with a positivity shift during this interactive webinar!


  • Control negativity before it spreads
  • Identify the cause of negativity
  • Recognize the negativity red flags
  • Understand the impact of workplace negativity
  • Wipe out negativity fast with easy to use tips
  • Navigate conflict before it gets out of hand


Workplace negativity is expensive. According to the University of Southern California, workplace negativity costs companies 300 billion dollars a year. A negative workplace is often called a toxic work environment. Yuck! No one wants to work in that type of culture. There are many reasons negativity shows up in the workplace, but one thing is consistent: workplace negativity starts with just one person and then spreads like a wildfire. Join this informative webinar to learn how to banish workplace negativity and avoid the hefty costs. With so much evidence supporting the need for a more positive and supportive workplace culture, this important topic can no longer be overlooked by organizational leadership.

Register for this valuable session to learn the most common causes for workplace negativity and how to prevent them. There is one activity that leaders participate in where it’s critical to remain positive. Find out what it is and how to steer clear of the negativity traps. Sometimes people use negative verbiage that can incite an unintended reaction. In this interactive webinar we will review words and phrases to avoid. Join us and interact with other participants and the speaker to make a positive shift in your workplace culture and your life!

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This valuable session will best suit leaders, managers, directors, HR personnel, or any team members who want to make a positive shift in their workplace culture.


  • 5 Tips to Banish Negativity in the Workplace
  • Stay AWAY from These Words and Phrases
  • Negative red flags handout
  • Reading list
  • Contact information for follow-up questions

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