Nov 3

Social Worker & Chaplain Series: Grief Counseling Preferred Practices - Which Model Do I Use?

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This is a 90-minute webinar.

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Industry expert and licensed clinical social worker, Gary Gardia, will clarify the role of chaplains and social workers as grief counselors in a hospice setting. Learn which grief model to use, apply appropriate skills and interventions, understand the boundaries of your scope of work, and more.


  • Define counseling in terms of chaplain and social worker practices
  • Describe three situations that would fall outside their scope-of-practice
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three grief/loss models
  • List three evidence-based theoretical frameworks that can be utilized in grief counseling
  • Describe three situations and discuss which theoretical framework to utilize
  • Apply concepts, skills, and interventions to situation examples


Many team members come to hospice understanding that they need to provide grief counseling, yet what does that really mean for chaplains and social workers? What is their counseling scope-of-practice? This webinar will define grief counseling and illustrate situations that fall outside of a chaplain’s or a social worker’s line of work. Using the interactive chat box during the live webinar, you can discuss which theoretical frameworks are a good fit for grief counseling within your agency. You will also learn which models are outdated and why, and what models to use now to guide your practice of work. Participants will gain valuable skills and information as they relate to the work of social workers and chaplains in the hospice setting.

Attendance certificate provided, however there are no pre-approved CEs associated with this webinar.


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This important content is designed to provide chaplains and social workers with the knowledge and skills they may not have received in previous work settings. Managers and leaders will also benefit from learning more about the work of these two disciplines. Other team members and volunteers can gain insight and skills on grief counseling preferred practices as well.


  • Handout with detailed information about each theoretical framework
  • Application exercises based on common grief counseling scenarios
  • Follow-up exercises for interdisciplinary team members to illustrate scope-of-practice limitations
  • Additional lecture notes and references
  • Resources for continued learning opportunities

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