Suzanne Sblendorio

Photo Suzanne Sblendorio
Suzanne Sblendorio is the Director of Healthcare Information Technology at Simione Healthcare Consultants. An industry leader with over forty years’ experience, Suzanne leads a team of consultants in all aspects of technology strategy and information system evaluation, implementation, and assimilation, including new system selection, implementation services, analysis of system adoption, ROI, process reengineering, and work flow documentation. She uses her combined industry management and technology experience to lead clients to technology solutions and to gain a competitive edge. Suzanne holds a Master’s from Montclair State University and a BSN from Georgetown University. A national speaker, Suzanne has been a contributing author for Modern Health Care, Hospitals, Health Care Marketer, The Remington Report, and Home Health Care, a textbook from W. B. Saunders.