Ruth K.V. Recchia, RN, CHPN

Photo Ruth K.V. Recchia
Ruth Recchia has been an RN for 35+ years, including work in critical care and emergency medicine. Involved with hospice since 2001, Ruth has provided excellence in end-of-life and palliative care at the bedside and as the Director of Patient Services for a large New York metropolitan hospice. During four years in that role, she oversaw program growth by 90% in the ADC, and reviewed and appealed 190 claims under medical review. She successfully recouped most of the monies withheld by CMS, after appealing up to the ALJ level. Since 2011, Ruth has been a hospice compliance consultant with Simione Healthcare Consultants. Ethical and expert in clinical review, she understands the need for ongoing education and keeping abreast of ever-changing regulations. Ruth has overseen hundreds of reviews for hospices in response to CMS requests, in addition to independent compliance reviews.