Danny Mack

Christian Care Hospice

Photo Danny Mack
Danny Mack attended the University of North Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees. With over fifteen years’ professional experience, Danny has served as a bereavement coordinator and chaplain and regularly speaks on a variety of issues. He was named the 2008 Hospice Bereavement Coordinator of the Year by the Texas New Mexico Hospice Organization, is president of the Bereavement Coordinators Association, has served on the board of Mesquite Social Services and Sharing Life Community Outreach, and has started two nonprofit organizations. He is a member of the Chaplain Development Committee of Texas New Mexico Hospice Organization and in 2013 became a member of their board. Danny’s compelling story of overcoming polio and navigating the grief from the death of his brother, mother, and father give him a unique ability to connect to his audience. His excellent speaking skills combined with creative presentations make him a sought after speaker in the field of bereavement and for motivating people to live their best lives.