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3-Part Series

This three-part series will explore the potential that exists for volunteer programs to go beyond self-limiting and self-imposed restrictions. Dream big!

Diversify & Expand Your Volunteer Program Series Topics

90-minute webinars – available live or on-demand

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Don’t get stuck in a rut by allowing the regulations to define or limit hospice volunteerism. Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and volunteers would appear everywhere you look. With some creative thinking and elbow grease you can reinvent your program and begin to find volunteers everywhere. Think about the influence your volunteer program could have not only on patient and family care but on the reputation of hospice in the community.

June 2, 2022
Using Volunteers to Connect with Underserved Communities

So much potential for diversity exists within our existing volunteer workforce and local communities. Don’t be afraid to ask about it and risk overlooking this opportunity. Currently, it is likely that you have volunteers that are either members of underserved communities or have vital connections to these areas and populations. This webinar will explore methods to access them and teach you how to recruit and utilize volunteers who can help make important connections to improve accessibility and coverage. It will also look at programming to expand the services your agency already provides.

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June 16, 2022
How Diverse Is Your Volunteer Workforce? Examining Policies & Marketing Practices

The goal is to create a volunteer workforce that is as diverse as our patient and family populations. So often though, how we think about volunteers and self-imposed limitations can constrain our marketing and recruitment efforts. Likewise, there are frequent restrictions within our policies and procedures that exclude diverse populations, cultures, and backgrounds. This webinar will analyze ways volunteers are being unintentionally and unnecessarily excluded from the workforce. It will examine ways to be more inclusive to better serve the ill, support circle members, volunteers, and local communities.

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June 30, 2022
Creating Tuck-In & 11th-Hour Volunteer Programs

When looking at expanding volunteer services, there are two great programs to consider: the tuck-in and 11th-hour services. Both programs can be offered either at the bedside or virtually, making them a good fit for volunteers who are reluctant to drive or make face-to-face visits. This webinar will explore the processes necessary to expand volunteer services by looking specifically at everything that goes into the development of these two programs.

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