Ernie Hassell

Photo Ernie Hassell
In his capacity as Acting Director of Governance and Risk Management, Ernie Hassell assesses the current technological systems and needs of InfoSight’s customers and formulates strategic solutions that support their goals. His background includes over 25 years of governance and risk management in the healthcare, finance, and aerospace industries, including enterprise information security and information assurance; business continuity and disaster recovery; and enterprise architecture and infrastructure. He has worked with notable organizations including Johns Hopkins, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, WebMD, NASA, Franklin-Templeton, and numerous physician practices and hospitals. Ernie was also a digital hardware design engineer supervisor with Honeywell and on the White House Office of Science and Technology National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. He has presented to the United Nations Economic and Social Council on the topic of Security in the 21st Century and to numerous committees and conferences. As Global Security Program Manager with Lucent Worldwide Services, he was responsible for information security, business continuity/disaster recovery, wireless security, and telecommunications fraud.