May 28

Ethical Issues: Professional Boundaries & Pitfalls for Hospices

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Ethics in health care covers far more than advanced directives. Nurses, aides, therapists, and other hospice workers need to be aware of the many professional and ethical pitfalls that may arise when caring for patients in their homes. There are obvious issues such as theft, property damage, or patient abuse and neglect – which may include staff exerting undue influence or causing physical harm. In addition, employees may falsify documentation (including time sheets) and disclose confidential information to neighbors.

More subtle risks arise as relationships develop between staff and patients. Close relationships can lead to situations with significant liabilities for the worker and employer. Risks include gifts from patients or their families and interactions that include off-hours contact, friendships, social media contact, and more. What happens if staff begin withholding information or are placed in compromising positions by patients and families? Attend this webinar to learn more about all these issues.

Recorded Thursday, May 28, 2015


  • Why a gift isn't always a gift
  • Why employees should fear gifts from patients
  • What to do when employees are accused of stealing
  • Why friendships between staff and patients are problematic
  • Risks when staff are friends with patients on Facebook
  • What if the relationship is more than a friendship?
  • What should be done when abuse or neglect is reported?
  • Responding to ethical/professional misconduct by your staff
    • Key points for a non-fraternization policy
    • HIPAA dos and don'ts
    • Key points for gift policy


This informative session is designed for administrators, managers, human resource professionals, nursing directors, and compliance professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: Webinar content is subject to copyright and intended for your individual organization’s use only.


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