Mistakes Happen! Cultivating Skills Necessary for Recovery

Do you know about the service-recovery paradox? It is a dynamic that occurs when a patient/family thinks more highly of a hospice program after a mistake has been corrected than if the mistake had never occurred at all. Mistakes create an opportunity to demonstrate exceptional customer service… if our response is swift and skillful. However, the opposite is also true. Poorly handled mistakes can have disastrous results.

In end-of-life care, it is crucial that all team members understand how to provide skillful service recovery as individuals, team members, and representatives of the organization. This webinar will focus on teaching staff and volunteers to handle common complaints and will provide sample protocols and in-service and skills-training materials.

Recorded Thursday, November 3, 2016


  • How "business-focused customer service" research and techniques can be adapted to the compassionate-care environment
  • Common errors, including ones that really are our fault and not the result of noncompliance
  • Ways that all staff and volunteers can quickly intervene when a mistake occurs and how scope-of-practice concepts apply in these situations
  • Key concepts, skills, processes, and interventions related to service recovery
    • Handout with additional lecture notes
    • List of resources for key topics
    • Assessment tool to use individually, with teams, and organizationally
    • Discussion guide for incorporating team involvement to learn more about this topic
    • Sample protocols
    • Sample in-service/orientation and skills-training materials


This informative session is designed for all hospice team members.  Senior leadership and managers will greatly benefit from learning this approach to solving mistakes and resolving complaints.

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