From Touchy to Touching: Talking About the Dying Process

How we talk about dying affects how patients and families respond and accept the changes that can occur. Compassion, simplicity, and presence are key to helping them replace fears with understanding and acceptance. This webinar will examine the physical, psychosocial, and mysterious aspects that can exist and their impact on patients and families. By effectively communicating this process, you will better help your families manage the changes and promote comfort.

Recorded Tuesday, February 24, 2015


  • How honoring the body’s wisdom will promote comfort
  • How to better evaluate causes of lack of appetite and appropriate interventions
  • Physical and emotional impact of changes in eating and drinking
  • Issues of communication, closure, and healing at the end of life
  • Mysteries such as the timing of death
  • How visions can be lessons for the living
    • References and resources, including books, articles, and Internet sites


This informative session is for anyone who touches the lives of those facing the end of life – whether physician, nurse, chaplain, or volunteer. It is also appropriate for patients and families.

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