Ethics & Leadership: Raising the Bar for Hospice Volunteerism

It is common for volunteer managers to ask the question “How do we get people to value volunteer programs?” The answer is simple: show the value! You may think, “But I see the value of what volunteers accomplish on a daily basis!” You’re right, but the problem is that other people may not see it. What needs to change? Volunteer programs need to go above and beyond meeting the 5% minimum and volunteer managers need to become leaders. This webinar will focus on some of the obstacles, such as working with challenging situations and ethical dilemmas. It will also address ways volunteer managers can increase leadership strategies within their departments – organizationally and even nationally.

Recorded Thursday, October 1, 2015


  • Working through challenges
  • Working with challenging people/personalities
  • Problem solving and ethics
  • Strategic and long-range planning
    • A handout/reference guide through common volunteerism challenges
    • Information on common personality types with interventions
    • A list of common ethical challenges with suggested ways to address them
    • Useful problem-solving model/process
    • Strategic and long-range planning exercise and guide
    • References and resources for continued exploration and learning


This informative session is designed for anyone needing to know about volunteer programs. Medicare states, “Volunteers must provide day-to-day administrative and/or direct patient care services in an amount that, at a minimum, equals 5 percent of the total patient care hours of all paid hospice employees and contract staff.” Therefore, ensuring that you have skilled volunteer managers is necessary for all organizations.


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