Jan 7

Developing “Take-Charge” Managers

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One of the biggest challenges for hospice managers is the moving-up-through-the-ranks dynamic.  People you worked alongside yesterday are the people you manage today.  This creates challenges for everyone, but can be especially difficult in our compassionate environment.  This webinar will take a brutally honest look at some of the common personality traits hospice managers have that interfere with take-charge leadership.  How do you balance the qualities that worked well in patient care with today’s critical need for skillful and highly effective managers?  These challenges, including the necessary skills and solutions that produce results, will be addressed.

 Recorded Tuesday, January 7, 2014


  • Three common errors made by hospice managers
  • The importance of applying the “first do no harm” concept to all areas of management
  • Ways to balance a compassionate environment with “raising the bar” for professionalism and high-quality care
  • An effective method for keeping staff and volunteers focused on setting and achieving developmental goals
  • Key concepts and skills for challenging and complex case examples


    • Workshop handout and worksheet (separate from the slides)
    • Three assessments to use with employees and volunteers
    • Employee “plan-of-care” worksheet
    • Quarterly performance report form and progress summary
    • References and resources (book and Internet resources for additional learning and topic exploration)



This informative workshop is designed for all managers – new, experienced, and those considering taking on a management role.  The content is not discipline specific, so it is applicable to staff and volunteer managers.  Senior leadership will also benefit because this program can assist in raising the bar for management agency-wide.


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