Mar 28

Top 25 HR Mistakes & How to Prevent Them

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Hospice and home care employers have a unique human resources situation.  Their employees don’t go to the office every day or work under management’s direct supervision.  Agency employers see employees infrequently, because they are in the field caring for patients.  Employers depend on employees to work when scheduled and as ordered and then submit hourly documentation later.  This situation can lead to employee wage issues, which can harm agencies due to the statutory liquidated damages and attorneys' fees provisions in federal wage and hour law.  In addition, there are non-discrimination laws (e.g., Title VII and ADA) and leave laws like FMLA that require compliance and create challenges.  Although the decentralized nature of hospice and home care employment significantly augments these challenges, the Department of Labor, EEOC, and other regulators expect home care employers to comply. 

This session will address compliance issues in the hospice and home care environment, including employee travel time and per-visit pay.  This webinar will go beyond wage and hour laws to other common issues, such as discrimination and/or harassment that occurs in the patient's home or is committed by the patient – including how to respond to discriminatory staffing requests.  Learn about the importance of following discipline and discharge policies and the ramifications of making exceptions for employees in sympathetic situations.  In addition, you’ll learn about accommodations, properly handling FMLA, salary-related mistakes, and compliance strategies to help agency employers avoid common mistakes.

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  • Employee travel time – an overlooked, but important, compliance issue
  • Dealing with discriminatory behavior in a patient's home
  • Patients have a right to choose, but their care choices are limited
  • When a salary isn't a salary
  • Problems with per-visit pay
  • Importance of following FMLA policies at each step
  • Why personnel policies are important
    • Discipline and discharge checklist
    • Important hiring and interviewing dos and don’ts


This informative session will benefit administrators, clinical managers, HR personnel, owners, payroll personnel, and supervisors.

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